Some Great Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Kitchen is termed as the most multifunctional portion of the house. Hence, the remodeling of a kitchen requires more attention than that you pay for other rooms in the house. Here, we have come up with a few remodeling ideas that you can get help from in order to remodel your kitchen.

The Dutch-Inspired Kitchen


The idea of remodeling a kitchen this way is mainly inspired by a requirement to bring a vintage look. The deliberately created old look that closets and cabinets give is the signature design of this kitchen. Another main feature of this kitchen is a portion that would look like a fireplace. This portion can be designed further using 18th century tiles or faux stone panels. It can be an actual fireplace or it can serve as a place for baking oven. Furthermore, you can conceal that oven behind those old looks to make this kitchen look like the one it is supposed to be.

The Tiny Kitchen


The tiny kitchen that has everything a kitchen should have can truly cover the main drawback of kitchen, i.e. the small space. All you need to do is to organize everything. Make sure that there are adequate number of closets and cabinets in order to fulfill your requirement to have excessive kitchen items. If you want to create an illusion of the kitchen being bigger in size, create a mirror backsplash.

Maritime Kitchen


The remodeling of a maritime kitchen may involve wood, stone, tiles, metal or combination of everything. This kitchen is characterized by its modern look that comes from the simplicity. If you have a big space for a kitchen, you can remodel it this way to insert every kind of functionality that a kitchen can have.

The horse stable kitchen


Although you can turn a former horse stable into a kitchen, you can remodel the kitchen in your home at countryside to create this specific look. This kitchen has everything made of wood; i.e. the floor, the ceiling, cabinets and closets. You can add every kind of modern functionality in this kitchen but it is recommended that you hide those modern appliances and integrated features behind wooden doors to maintain the looks.

Kitchen with artful design


The design of this kitchen is attributed to the artistic work done on the walls and ceiling. The flowerpots with a bit higher plants add more to the looks of this kitchen. The main requirement for remodeling of a kitchen in this way is a reasonable space. Furthermore, you can design some of this kitchen’s feature using Dutch-Inspired Kitchen remodeling methods. That will add depth in the design of your kitchen.

Author: Ashton Timothy

Spent high school summers researching sausage in Miami, FL. Once had a dream of developing strategies for yogurt in Africa. Crossed the country exporting tar for no pay. Had moderate success selling pogo sticks in Cuba.

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